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Why is Mechanical Parking the Future of the Parking Garage?Why are mechanical parking systems the future of the parking garage? The answer is quite simply because they are far more effective, efficient, environmentally friendly, economical, safer and can be more profitable than traditional parking garages. Mechanical parking systems park more vehicles in less space than traditional garages, and while these systems have been around for a while now, their applications and cost effectiveness are now just turning the corner to the point where they are superior in nearly every way to the traditional garage.
Whether a small business or restaurant is looking for a basic valet style parking solution for 2 to 12 cars or if a corporation or parking company are looking for a fully automated self-parking solution designed to accommodate hundreds or even a thousand vehicles, these systems can be employed in nearly every application.
Mechanical parking systems park more cars in less space. They park in all three dimensions with minimal space in between each vehicle spot. This ensures that space is optimally utilized. Think of it as a handful of quarters, in your hand they take up the entire palm and some may slip and fall (an accident). Now think of that same handful of quarters neatly and tidily wrapped in a coin wrapper. The space is significantly less and there is no opportunity for any kind of accident to occur. This is a testament to the safety of these systems as well.
However, the benefits of these systems are numerous and can include many or perhaps all of the following;
  • Reduction in car emissions such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • 100% reduction in theft and vandalism.
  • Eliminate fender benders, dents and damage to vehicles.
  • Increase the safety of drivers.
  • Reduce time drivers spent parking significantly and improve their overall experience.
  • Reduced construction time compared to traditional car parks.
  • Reduced land consumption.
  • Increased parking capacity in less space.
  • Increased profits.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Reduced insurance expense.
Some of the advantages of these systems include;
  • Upwards of 80% and often as high as 90% of real estate is used to park cars.
  • Modular building and upgrades allow nearly any size lot to be developed.
  • Customized exteriors allow buildings to retain the look or match the look of nearby buildings or desired appearance.
  • Environmentally friendly design reduces the amount of pollutants in the area.
  •  Green technologies such as advanced power efficient systems and even solar cells have been used in mechanical parking systems.
  • Reduced operational costs compared to traditional car parks.
  • Can be built above, below, or a combination of ground applications.
  • Reduced real estate, operational and even building costs results in more profitable parking garages.
  • Allows space to be used for other purposes.
  • Cuts sound contamination
  • Often can be applicable for tax breaks or innovative design credits.
The benefits, features and advantages of mechanical parking systems demonstrate why they are the future of parking and will replace the traditional Do-It-Yourself parking experiences we currently have. The only question left, is how long?
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